I started this blog in February 2013.  Amazingly, I’m closing in on ten years.  It’s certainly turned out differently than I expected, and I haven’t written as much as I’d liked.

In 2016, I hired a company to update the blog and design a new theme.  Maintaining your own WordPress blog is a lot of work, and it was worthwhile to have an expert fix things up.  I was fairly happy with the results, although there are a few glitches in the theme that annoy me.  The tile layout was never my favorite, and it gets really uneven depending on whether I choose a featured photo or not.

Anyways, with the WP updates over the years, my theme is breaking down.  On the editing page, many buttons don’t work at all.  I contacted the original company, which still exists, but I haven’t been able to get a response.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to experiment with the built-in WP themes to see if there is one I like.  Expect the look and feel to change from time to time as I explore options.  Hopefully it won’t throw off the spambots that seem to be my primary readership!