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In 1998 I left my job as a computer “consultant” to pursue a master’s degree in Telecommunications Management.  I was stuck in my job, tired of troubleshooting people’s email clients and installing Word...

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Vintage DDoS

With Coronavirus spreading, events shut down, the Dow crashing, and all the other bad news, how about a little distraction?  Time for some NetStalgia. Back in the mid 1990’s, I worked at a computer consulting firm called...

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Moving carpets for $2000

I worked for two years at a Cisco Gold Partner.  The first year was great.  We were trying to start up a Cisco practice in San Francisco (they were primarily a Citrix partner before), so my buddy and I wined and dined Cisco...

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Moscone Microwave

My first full-time networking job was at the San Francisco Chronicle.  Now there isn’t much to the Chronicle anymore, but in the early 2000’s the newspaper was still going strong.  It was the beginning of the...

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A Passive Star

I was hoping to do a few technical posts but my lab is currently being moved, so I decided to kick off another series of posts I call “NetStalgia”.  The TAC tales continue to be popular, but I only spent two years in...

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