TAC Tales #10: Out to Lunch

When you work at TAC, you are required to be “on-shift” for 4 hours each day.  This doesn’t mean that you work four hours a day, just that you are actively taking cases only four hours per day.  The other four...

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TAC Tales #9: Left Hanging

When I was still a new engineer, a fellow customer support engineer (CSE) asked a favor of me. I’ll call him Andy. “I’m going on PTO, could you cover a case for me? I’ve filed a bug and while I’m...

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Goodbye Juniper, Hello Cisco

I feel a bit of guilt for letting this blog languish for a while. I can see from the response to my articles explaining confusing Juniper features that my work had some benefit outside my own edification, and so I hate to leave...

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TAC Tales #2: How to troubleshoot

The case came in P1, and I knew it would be a bad one. One thing you learn as a TAC engineer is that P1 cases are often the easiest. A router is down, send an RMA. But I knew this P1 would be tough because it had been requeued...

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Tac Tales #1: Case routing

Before I worked at TAC, I was pretty careless about how I filled in a TAC case online. For example, when I had to select the technology I was dealing with in the drop-down menu, if I didn’t see exactly what I had then I would go...

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